Music streaming site has often kept ahead of their rivals in the DJ-centric streaming space through the introduction of new features, removing account restrictions and even implementing features that SoundCloud had discontinued. And they’ve done it again with the announcement that audio livestreaming has been added to the HearThis platform.

HearThis live (which is still technically in beta release) utilizes Icecast, which enables broadcasters to use whichever broadcasting client they prefer, from special apps like Nicecast and butt to Traktor DJ Studio. HearThis also records each livestream as it happens for later posting or private listening. HearThis says that any bitrate is allowed, and they also provide live stats and updated comments and reactions while streaming.

The possibilities here are quite extraordinary, as well as offering HearThis a way to differentiate themselves from their rivals. As livestreaming has begun to take over video platforms like YouTube, with a little tinkering one could imagine HearThis offering a readymade, plug-and-play streaming service to internet radio broadcasts. As someone that has used HearThis almost since launch, I can tell you their scale is as robust as they come. I’ve yet to encounter downtime on the platform, despite a period of extraordinary growth.

HearThis Live is available in beta at