Item: An appeal from House Music legend Marshall Jefferson on behalf of Colonel Abrams. The multifaceted performer on more classic tracks than any man could count is in “dire straits” after both health and financial setbacks, according to Marshall, who qualifies this as an emergency situation

A GoFundMe campaign set up by Tony Herbert and Don Welch says that Abrams has “fallen on some really hard times due to health issues and a financial setback which has forced him into some housing challenges.”

This talented brother albeit humble as most people, would prefer to stand strong on their on two feet and take care of themselves, however, as most of you may or may not know, alot of recording artist don’t have medical coverage or benefits. The Colonel is very ill with no permanent place of his own to live at this time and limited financial resources. Those of us who have listened to his awesome music and know of his plight, have banned together to try and help him through this rough patch.

Housemusic Promoter, Producer and iconic dee jay Don Welch of the Underground Network along with myself and others, are calling on all his fans worldwide to join in helping us in this mission to raise enough money to get him consistent housing, access to wrap around social services as well as to help give his finances a boast, so that he can get back on track to sustaining himself with the assistance of a credible accounting firm we have identified that is willing to donate some of their services!!!</blockquote>
Donations to date have raised $2500; more are needed to help. Please visit <a href=””></a> for more info.


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