Marcus Mixx is house. Everyone of a certain type knows him, has met him, and has a crazy story about a night that began in a club and ended on the sidewalk with Marcus either shooting some video for his TV show or talking about the rare records he had in the pipeline.

Unfortunately, Chicago hasn’t been so kind and Marcus has found himself splitting time between a men’s hotel and a shelter

It is not an uncommon story in these times of escalating rents and diminished opportunities, and probably only necessary to quote his account in part to familiarize ourselves with his situation:


Straight & to the point, over the past four plus years I’ve been very blessed with many job/gig/work offers & opportunities that pay steady & consistent money for doing what I love to do. Currently, I’m still staying in a shelter in which I’m very grateful for, but, the time restrictions for having to be checked in at night by (6:30 p.) & the must be there everyday to keep a cot/space policies have restricted not only my video, television & audio producer means of income, but, it also abolishes regular part & full time employment if my hours conflict with the shelters rules.

I’ve lived in a men’s hotel for a few weeks, but, it’s basically just paying rent to live in a shelter style environment. I can’t take out my computer & work in those atmospheres, because of obvious reasons. There’s also no where to store my camera, other equipment, clothing & the element of almost everyday fights & friction between tons of fellow homeless people over anything & everything is always there. It’s becoming a massive mental burden & can & has often lead to physical fights & attacks, i.e. when I got stabbed in the shelters bathroom by someone in which I’ve never had any problems with. The bottom line is that I know deep in my heart & gut based largely on the amazing positive feedback & things that people say to me almost everyday that I can realistically sustain a decent income & never have ask/beg anyone for anything ever again of this magnitude.


Marcus has set up a GoFundMe page with a pretty modest goal. I think we can tap into a little left over holiday spirit and shatter that.

Enough of the bullshit, let’s do something worthwhile here. The donation page is available here.