Notorious crate-digger Hunee will be making his debut as an album-based artist this Spring with the release of a somewhat experimental but thoroughly combustable LP, titled Hunch Music.

Rush Hour has shared a short “trailer” from Hunch Music (embedded above) and pre-sales for the vinyl are now available.

One of the last true tastemakers, Hunee has averaged barely one release a year, with a kind of exacting precision and concision that’s become all-too-rare in a churn-and-burn scene. The full LP represents a hell of a journey for a man whose DJing is known to leap small genres in a single bound – “Cross Road,” “Error of the Average” and other tracks have a kind of industrial strength power, as if someone locked DJ Rush and John Morales in a studio and refused to feed them until they cut up a hit. (On the acid-soaked “Silent Sensation,” they invited Robert Armani to sit for a session.)

Hunee is currently on a tour of the US and will be playing with our friends Naeem and Gusto of Detour at Hot Mass in Pittsburgh this Friday April 10.