Our friend and fearless ally I-Robots (aka Gianluca Pandullo) has announced the release of his forthcoming The Detroit People Mover EP, featuring I-Robots “reconstructions” of classic material from Derrick May, Juan Atkins and Orlando Voorn.

I-Robots’ “reconstructions” are essentially re-edits of classic material spanning several decades of music history and encompassing Techno, House, proto-House, Italo and several other genres. Each are undertaken with the permission of the original artist.

The Detroit People Mover features Derrick May’s “Emanon” (under May’s Rhythim Is Rhythim alias) and Juan Atkins and Orlando Voorn’s “Game One” (under the “Infiniti” alias) as well as cover art from Detroit producer and artist Alan Oldham (aka DJ T-1000).

I-Robots presents The Detroit People Mover EP is being released by Opilec Music in a limited edition of 500 copies on vinyl plus a digital release starting August 3, 2013.