Packard” has become something of a cultural touchstone in the last two decades, a reference more to the former luxury car maker’s bombed out factory husk in Detroit and its repurposing as a party location than to the car itself. Physical pieces of the Packard plant have shown up in everything from art installations and album artwork; by this point, it seems assured that people will likely still know the name long after they’ve forgotten its origin.

Packard is also the title for the debut EP from Infolines, a V/A compilation in homage to “experiences by those who once frequented the halls of Detroit’s urban decay.” The first track of the first release from Infolines is literally called that — “Homage” — and its one of four tracks on an EP from one of the most intriguing new labels to emerge so far this year from Detroit.

Infolines is founded by ADMN and Remote Viewing Party (the duo of Aran Daniel and Mike Petrack). The new label is vinyl/digital and launches May 15 2020, pandemic pending.

Infolines Packard EP

Track Listing:
A1: Bendersnatch: Homage (Original Mix)
A2: ADMN: Machine 8 (Original Mix)
B1: Remote Viewing Party: Fuxwiddit (Original Mix)
B2: Maxlow: Heard (Original Mix)


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