Out July 19, Axis Records will be releasing Moon: The Area of Influence. The latest album from Jeff Mills commemorates the anniversary of the Apollo moon landing.

The album will be released on the day before the the 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin’s descent in the Apollo Lunar Module Eagle on July 20, 1969 at 20:17 UTC.

Mills will also perform for a 60-minute stream for Moon: The Area of Influence on July 20th presented on the Axis Records website at 16:17 US Eastern Time, 22:17 in Central European time.

Moon: The Area Of Influence is Mills’ “interpretations of the earth’s moon and its profound effects on us and the planet”:

The galactic object is essential to the survival of the planet. Its gravitational pull controls the tides, and without that, the planet’s complex life might not exist yet from its effects, which is portrayed in ‘The Tides’. It promotes growth, the high lunar tides filled Earth’s early oceans with the chemicals necessary for life to evolve under the influence of the Sun’s radiation. Our connection to the moon and its vibrancy has been prevalent since the beginning.


The artwork, surprisingly, does not feature the Moon itself, so “the focus can be solely on the influence it wields.”

Watch the Trailer:


01. Control, Sattva and Rama (7:03)
02. Stabilising The Spin (5:04)
03. The Tides (4:25)
04. Sleep-Wake Cycles (8:32)
05. Erratic Human Behavior (4:45)
06. Lunar Power (5:20)
07. Electromagnetic (5:35)
08. Decoding The Lunar Sunrise (5:06)
09 Peaks Of Eternal Light (3:27)
10. Measuring The Doppler Shift (4:16)
11. Theia (4:45)
12. 180-Degree Repositioning Phase (4:19)
13. Absolute (6:06)