Who says you need to rely on big name remixers to get your music noticed?

“When I started my label, I approached many artists for remixes and collaborations. But none of them ever got back to me,” John Oudo says, “so I gave up asking.”

In John’s case, this worked out in his favor, making him a standout brand with all his music being composed, written, produced and remixed by himself.

London-based Oudo flexed his musical chops for over 12 years working within the Jazz, Soul, Pop and Dance industries as well as the live music scene.

After DJing House and Drum N’ Bass at early raves in the ’90s, he debuted his own special brand of House in 2009 with the lovely vocal song “It’s Alright” – which merely went on to become one of the best-selling debut singles in Traxsource history. Follow-ups included “Work Me Over”, “I Don’t Need You” and “Loving You” (the track that made me look up everything he’s ever produced).

“Like most people, I don’t wake up in the morning just thinking about House Music,” he says. This attitude carries over to his A&R work for his imprint, BigSPIN Music. “I want the label to represent and explore different places and represent something eclectic.”

John is also pushing his live band project called “John Oudo & The Sound” which will allow him to venture out even further away from the confines of what we call House. “I think the barriers of genre specific fans are crumbling now,” he says, “and fan bases are much wider and eclectic in their tastes.”

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