SoundCloud has launched the next phase in their evolution from a creator-centered platform with the introduction of boosted uploads.

Promote on SoundCloud” is the name for a “self-service promotional tool” which will allow SoundCloud Premier members to “boost” original tracks to the top of listeners’ feeds and mobile homepages:

With Promote on SoundCloud, creators can set their own budget and choose from a variety of advanced targeting options to help drive track plays, reach more diverse listener groups and build real-time, interactive connections with their fans. The power of promotion is in the hands of creators whenever they want to elevate new tracks, fuel excitement for upcoming album releases, or build local market buzz in advance of tour dates.


This is a pretty important development for SoundCloud, which has had an endemic bot problem and really hasn’t done much to purge it. Paid-for promotion really only works if you’re reaching real people. I don’t know what you see when you look at your followers but mine are littered with phished pictures of middle-aged men with usernames like “tanya01313” in an increasingly cluttered feed that I browse less and less as time goes on.

Relevance is also an issue: SoundCloud’s own recommendation algorithm frequently sends me to music I can’t stand and would never listen to, and even SoundCloud’s search function is notably poor by 2019 standards.

Of course, other social media networks enable paid promotion, including former rival MixCloud and of course Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Promote on SoundCloud is available only to SoundCloud Premier members and is available today.