Checking in with one of our favorite South American friends, Manuel Sahagun, we find that he’s blowing up in a big way. After playing in Tbilisi, Georgia for New Year’s, he’s hunkering down for 2012 with releases forthcoming on Salted, Development, Drop Music, House Warming and several others.

“My Development release will be ready pretty soon, with two original tracks which I made last year. This new label has a really cool direction, mostly deep, and they’ve been working with great artists like Atjazz, Moodymanc, Roman Fleischer…”

Something is in the air closer to home as well. “Buenos Aires, after many years of Progressive, Tech House and Minimal, has changed into a house-y sound. There are plenty of talented guys around here. Some actual talents on the House side are Jay West, The Ultimate Man (Toomy Disco), Fer Ferrari, Julian Sanza from Silver City, Phunktastike…

“As for the Salted EP, Miguel and I are still working on some details of the release. These tracks have stronger beats, more bouncy. It’s not Jackin’ House but the release has a lot of funky flavor.”