Chicago industrial band Ministry has announced a new, authorized history book. Ministry: Prescripture – The Visual History by Aaron Tanner will feature “behind-the-scenes artifacts” from founder Al Jourgensen’s personal collection filled out with contributions from Ministry members and collaborators.

Ministry: Prescripture will come in a variety of formats but none of them come cheap. A limited edition (from a run of 2,000) 9″ square casebound and foil stamped copy can be pre-ordered now for $75. With a t-shirt and a 7″ record featuring the studio version of “(Every Day Is) Halloween (Acoustic)” is $150.

Here are some shots from the website for the publisher, Melodic Virtue:

Ministry was formed in Chicago in 1981 as a synth-pop group. By the late 1980s they had evolved into one of the first and likely most prominent industrial bands, and the industrial and house scenes on Chicago’s Northside frequently overlapped and intersected. Read 5 Mag’s interview with Tommie Sunshine about the hothouse of Chicago alternative culture in the 1990s.