Mixcloud has completed another direct licensing deal with a label rights agency, which is likely a prelude to some sort of subscription offering.

Global digital rights agency Merlin, which represents tens of thousands of independent labels, signed a licensing agreement with Mixcloud, it was announced today. Billboard was the first with the story.

Following earlier licensing deals with Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group, Mixcloud is believed to be working toward (yet another) paid streaming service, though this has been “in the works” for well over a year. (The original report does include mention of allowing users to download streams, though.)

Mixcloud raised $11.5 million cash from investors in April 2018, the first time it had received outside cash aside from some UK government grants.

Mixcloud co-founder Nico Perez said in a statement that Mixcloud was working “toward building a sustainable ecosystem for audio culture.”


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