Moby Is Selling 200 Drum Machines From His Kit

"I've always been a little obsessed with drum machines."

Moby’s collection of gear has often been showcased and profiled under the rubric of #gearporn but now he’s parting with a huge chunk of it.

Moby is putting up nearly 200 drum machines from his personal collection up for sale starting this October 11, 2018. The sale will take place at the “Official Moby Reverb Shop.”

“I’ve always been a little obsessed with drum machines. In fact, I’ve always been a lot obsessed with drum machines. Over the years, I presumptuously believe that I have come up with the largest collection of analog drum machines in the world,” Moby told us. “There are hundreds of them and I loved each and every one of them. I hope that if you buy them, you love them as much as I did. Please take care of my babies.”


Among the machines for sale are two late-’50s Wurlitzer Side Man standing drum machines, a Roland TR-909, a 1970s MXR Drum Computer.

Moby early parted with synths and LPs from his collection on Reverb.

100% of the seller’s proceeds will go to Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.