moodymann arrest video

Moodymann just posted a video on his instagram account showing his POV from what appears to be his car as armed officers shout for him to unlock the door.

Update: The video appears to have been made private just minutes after this post went live. Here is a screencap (the video is still live in an open browser page):

Detroit’s Metro Times notes the insignia on the officer in the driver’s side mirror seems to indicate this was the Highland Park police department.

5 Mag has contacted the Highland Park police department for more information. The officer who answered told us that Dixon had been arrested “sometime last week” but had no further information other than that he had been released.

There was no answer at the records division of Highland Park’s police department, and a message indicated the voice mail system had not been set up yet.

Update: Police: Moodymann Was Arrested During “Scrapping” Investigation

The Detroit Free Press reported late Wednesday night that a police spokesman announced the incident is “under investigation, and that police plan to release the report Thursday morning.”

According to the caption, the incident took place in his backyard and he was subsequently arrested for what he said was “breaking and entering my own property even though I had keys.”

“What you can’t see,” he added, “is 9 other officers pointing their AR15 and other pistols directly at my head.

“Next time just pull the MF trigger[,] let’s get this shit over with. I’m so tired.”

The video appears to be taken at night, though it was posted on Wednesday afternoon.

His post has been mirrored by another user. We also have multiple copies saved, if there is any need for them.


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