Asheville, North Carolina is already a kind of mecca for a certain type of musician. It’s the home of Moog Music, the company which carries on the legacy of manufacturing Dr. Bob Moog’s legendary instruments and continuing his explorations in music synthesis. It’s a three hour drive from Moogfest in Durham. And it’s the home of the (independent, non-profit) Bob Moog Foundation.

Now there’s one more reason to go. The Bob Moog Foundation celebrated the 85th birthday of their namesake yesterday with the “soft opening” of the new Moogseum, a permanent space located in Asheville, North Carolina.

“The Moogseum is the hallmark project of the Bob Moog Foundation, the culmination of years of hard work and the success of both of our main projects, Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool and the preservation of the Bob Moog Foundation Archives,” the Foundation stated in a release announcing the opening. “It will be open every day from 11am-5pm, except Sundays and Tuesdays. You can call 828-258-1262 for more information.”

The Moogseum features a multi-media, interactive timeline of Bob Moog’s life and work. “Over 700 archival items will be accessible through the timeline’s touchscreen kiosks.”

The Moogseum will also showcase three theremins owned by Bob Moog and illustrate the importance of inventor Leon Theremin and his work’s influence on Moog and other later synthesizer designers.

Also, this sounds incredibly cool:

The “How Electricity Becomes Sound” immersive visualization dome invites guests to step inside a circuit board and trace electricity as it evolves into sound, delving into the very heart of Bob’s work in sound synthesis.


The Moog Foundation posted these photos on Twitter of the opening: