A YouTube gamer who goes by “Mumbo Jumbo” woke up on Sunday morning to his phone lighting up with notifications like the Fourth of July. They were email notifications from YouTube, indicating that Warner Chappell – the publishing arm of Warner Music Group – was mass filing copyright claims against his content.

The emails were coming at the rate of 30 a minute. It didn’t stop until more than 400 copyright claims covering nearly a quarter of his 1800 videos had been filed.

Worse, Mumbo Jumbo – who has more than 3 million subscribers on YouTube – claims to have the rights to all music in his videos.

“I have a signed contract that says I can use the songs for my videos,” Mumbo Jumbo posted on Twitter. “This isn’t your money.”

Copyright trolls have become endemic on YouTube. Companies which claim to own the publishing for music use YouTube’s ContentID system to claim ownership of a video, which is left online while this new, “real” owner takes the revenue earned from advertising.

Frequently the trolling companies are unable to prove their claims to the music, or flag things that aren’t music at all. Last year a musician who uploaded a 10 hour video of white noise – similar to the static on TV – was attacked by 5 notices of infringement. They didn’t want the video taken down – just the revenue from it.

In January of this year, reports surfaced that criminals were actually using bogus copyright claims to extort money from channel owners:

A Youtuber called ObbyRaidz, who makes videos about Minecraft, has found himself having received two copyright “strikes” on Youtube from a blackmailer calling themselves VengefulFlame, who has demanded “$150 PayPal or $75 btc (Bitcoin)” or equivalent “goods/services” to have the strikes removed. If ObbyRaidz doesn’t comply, VengefulFlame could send one more complaint to Youtube and have ObbyRaidz’s account — and all the videos he’s created — permanently deleted.


Targeted users can appeal strikes and ContentID claims. In the case of Mumbo Jumbo, though, this would require filing an appeal 400 times and doing so every time a publishing company’s broken bots flag content on his channel.

Previous overreach by Warner/Chappell using YouTube’s ContentID system provoked a strong reaction, though false flagging hundreds of videos on large channels would seem to be a fun new experience for them.

Mumbo Jumbo later made a video addressing the mass reporting and seems unsure there is anything he can actually do that will solve the problem long-term.

A request for comment from Warner Chappell Group was not returned.


  1. I’m one of Mumbo’s 3 million fans. We all stand beside him in this and will not rest until action has been taken.Thank you for making this article, let’s make this go viral and save our mustached friend!!!

  2. I’m a fan of his as well, and a strong opponent of big business bullying. Sharing this article everywhere.

  3. While creators get a full copyright strike if they file a false dispute, companies have no deterrent from filing false disputes. The only thing that could possibly happen to them (and possibly only in the US) is being sued for harassment, degradation of another’s public character, or a few other things.
    And that action can only be taken by the creator, not YouTube.
    Personally, I think the worst thing about this is that likely YouTube won’t do anything about this except resolving the claims. They definitely won’t refund lost revenue (which is basically Mumbo Jumbo’s only source of income), reform their system, punish/restrict Warner/Chappell in any way, or most likely issue an apology. For a company that has near complete dominance over online video, gives creators money for their content, and has an extremely large amount of creators that rely on that income as their sole source of funding, it is near inexcusable.

  4. I am so infuriated by this! mumbo jumbo “Oliver brotherhood” has written permission from the person who wrote it the song is called “Cant stop me” and “April showers” and the writer of the song is ProleteR. and Oliver has written permission to use it. HOPEFULLY THERE WILL BE SOME COMPENSATION COMING OLIVERS “MUMBO JUMBO’S” WAY HIS WAY AS AN APOLOGY

  5. this is serious. we need to stop these big companys from doing this. they already make enough money, and are taking money from people who do youtube as a job. its stupid.

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