July 14 is Bastille Day in France and Net Label Day on the internet.

A group of intrepid independent artists and labels have banded together under that title to highlight “free and independent music in high quality format” from electronic, rock and other genres.

Welcome to the first #NetlabelDay ever.This is the first row of releases. More albums will be available later today.Feel free to share whatever you want. These albums are now yours.

Posted by Netlabel Day on Monday, July 13, 2015

The campaign – initiated by M.I.S.T. Records from Chile – is guided by a manifesto which makes a few trenchant observations about the state of music in 2015:

We believe that musical revolution supported by our beloved Internet is over.

We know that you listen to a lot of music, but you don’t buy albums in a physical record store, and it’s quite probable that your city doesn’t even have one. You probably download music on iTunes or any other music service. You probably are an active user of Spotify or Pandora, but where did you get your musical library?

As we said, the musical revolution supported by Internet is over, because this revolution is now the present of the music.

The “Major labels” still doesn’t get it, that’s why “Record Store Day is dying” so we are offering you an alternative way to consume more and better music. Forget about the well-known artists… The Netlabel Day is a space made by truly independent artists and labels for all the people who listens and supports independent art movements.

This page appears to be the centralized list of download links from participating net labels and artists to date.

Image via Facebook.