Was it an illicit party, as the governor says – or a protest that “spiraled out of hand”? An event held this Saturday night under the Kosciuszko Bridge in Brooklyn is currently the object of the internet’s ire and the latest in a series of events to attract the unwelcome attention of media and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

According to Guest of a Guest, the event was “framed” as a protest for Black Lives Matter. Later photos show hundreds gathered, many without masks or practicing social distancing. The DJs cited by both the GOAG and New York Post were Pictureplane and Mazurbate.

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It appears everyone involved in organizing the event in Greenpoint is in the DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING phase of crisis management over this, though there are still plenty of videos taken by people in attendance on social media.

An organizer reached by Guest of a Guest claimed it was not a protest but a “fundraiser for the Legal Aid Society.” The sleazy nature of attempting to throw a party under the guise of a civil rights protest wasn’t lost on the blog, which noted that while there was a BLM banner, “linking this to any meaningful action for BLM can only serve to undermine the movement.”

Gothamist has comment from one of the organizers (anonymous for sure) who they identify as belonging to “a group called Renegade, which previously threw another rave at the same location on July 4th (billed as Black Lives Matter party). Organizers for the event acknowledged to Gothamist that this weekend’s party got out of hand, but also defended the intentions behind it.”

A week ago, Governor Cuomo ranted about an EDM show held in the Hamptons headlined by Chainsmokers which resulted in a few thousands people largely flouting mask and social distancing guidelines.

“We have no tolerance for the illegal & reckless endangerment of public health,” Cuomo said.