Paul Zyla

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Host of the weekly DJ broadcast Ultrawizardsword Dot Net and Pittsburgh scene fixture, Paul Zyla is currently in the hospital. His family posted that last Monday, Paul suffered an aneurysm and seizure and is currently at the Neurovascular ICU (4F) wing of Presbyterian Hospital in Oakland.

A benefit is being held at Rock Bottom Brewery, with an online fundraiser here from which this information is taken.


This past Monday, my sister’s long time boyfriend and life partner, Paul Zyla, suffered an aneurysm and seizure. He is currently staying in the Neurovascular ICU (4F) wing of Presbyterian Hospital in Oakland. At this time, he is stable, but his recovery is going to be a long one. Honestly, we are still in the period where anything can happen, but we are staying optimistic. So far he is still stable and showing good signs for being taken off of the ventilator in the next couple of days. When they turn down the sedation to work with his physical responses, he does well with them and even has started moving his toes, but can’t be awake for too long before becoming agitated.

August 13th, 2014, I will be hosting a benefit for Paul and my sister, Tobin, at Rock Bottom Brewery. My sister is still figuring out what will happen in the upcoming weeks, but her main options include leaving work to take care of Paul and all that encompasses.

Generally, every Wednesday we host some event – tapping, meet the brewer, corn hole, etc.. I wanted to utilize the aforementioned date to help them out. It’s our ‘play corn hole with a brewer’ night. So, we will have the boards out.

Paul is well known in PGH and beyond for DJing and hosting a weekly online DJ event called Ultrawizardsword dot net. He also works locally with Humanaut. This is all outside being a super stellar, fun, and nerdy dude who happens to love the hell out of my sister. I’d like to see this go well. Please share, if you can!

HOWEVER, if you can’t make it, but still want to donate money to them, do so here.