What you see above is one of the most iconic label stickers in my collection (and the track is pretty good too) – Keep Pushin’ by Boris Dlugosch and the One True Diva, Inaya Day.

Peppermint Jam – home to this and a crate’s worth of more classic Dlugosch material from the ’90s, – are gathering some of those tracks together for Boris Dlugosch: The Peppermint Years.

The anthology features some unreleased tracks and remixes from the years 1994 to 2001, including ATFC’s “mellow mix” of “Keep Pushin'”, Derrick Carter’s “mid-range vocal mix” of “Hold Your Head Up High” and DJ Spen’s remix of “Live Your Life Your Way”. The full tracklisting:

1. Girl
2. Hold Your Head Up High (Club mix)
3. Hold Your Head Up High (Derrick Carter Mid-Range Vocal Mix)
4. Keep Pushin’ (ATFC Mellow Mix)
5. Keep Pushin’ (Original)
6. Live Your Life Your Way (DJ Spen Remix)
7. Live Your Life Your Way (Full Vocal Mix)
8. Never Enough (Club Mix)
9. Never Enough (Mousse T/Boris Dlugosch Odd Couple Mix)
10. Ready
11. Sunshine
12. We Can Do It (Club Mix)

Boris Dlugosch: The Peppermint Years is due out November 25, 2013 from Peppermint Jam Records.