Opened in stealth and as pop-up shops earlier this summer, Toronto’s newest record store Press+Fold describes itself as a “boutique” record shop that has attracted the attention of collectors from around the city.

“As vinyl lovers ourselves, we realized the crazy cost of records when our addiction really started to kick in a few years ago,” Press+Fold‘s Paul Quzz, Devv & Scott Mallette said in a release. “We set out on a mission to reduce the cost of purchasing new, unique and relatively unknown records from some of our favourite artists and record labels situated across the Atlantic… or Pacific…”

Press+Fold has established relationships with Yoyaku & Subwax to carry a curated selection of records from their catalogs and has promised new shipments from other distributors are forthcoming.

Doyle Johnson – Noon Elik Eyou Autodidact AUTODDCT01 Limited copies in the shop!

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Press+Fold is now open to the public but only on Thursdays from 4pm-10pm at 1050 Tandy Murch Lane, parallel to Bathurst Street.” Private sales and store openings are available by prior arrangement.

“Private sale is for those who can’t make the selected “open” dates and private store openings are usually for DJs that are in town looking to dig!” Paul told us in an email. “This is a passion project of ours which we are trying to juggle with our everyday jobs. The idea is to gauge wether or not there is a market for this type of music on vinyl in Toronto to make it something more frequent.”

Press+Fold will also be open for their second summer BBQ this Friday August 10.