From his 1978 debut to the 1999 Warner Brothers finale, twelve albums from Prince’s early- to mid-career will be reissued on CD and vinyl, the Prince Estate has announced.

The reissue is being handled under the auspices of Legacy Recordings, a division of Sony Music. Through their deal with the Prince Estate, Legacy has previously reissued several of Prince’s late career albums, many of them on vinyl for the first time.

This latest reissue binge does not include four of the Prince “soundtrack” albums — Purple Rain, Parade, Batman and Graffiti Bridge — the rights to which remain bound by a separate agreement with Warner Records.

A nine disc “super deluxe edition” of Sign O’ The Times was also released last year and nominated for a Grammy for Best Historical Album.

The twelve reissued albums in chronological order in which they were originally released are:

For You
Prince (self-titled)
Dirty Mind
Around The World In A Day
Sign O’ The Times
The Hits Vol 1
The Hits Vol 2
The Vault: Old Friends 4 Sale

For collectors, editions of 1999 and Sign O’ The Times will also be pressed on “clear vinyl with white swirl” and sold through Target and Walmart and the Prince Store.


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