Perhaps it was a stroke of genius when organizers scheduled Record Store Day 2018 to take place the day after 4/20. It might even thin out the early morning lines a bit.

We haven’t been covering Record Store Day as much as we did in the past, largely due to burnout. The flood of Aha picture discs (be the first one of your friends to like this!) and artificially constructed dad rock rarities has tainted a holiday for the benefit of the underdog with a shithead consumerist frenzy rarely seen outside of Black Friday doorbuster sales.

But there are still places where the love of music unites us, and one of those places is the veritable Chicago institution, Gramaphone Records. If there’s any place that merits a ritualized stop and dive into the bins, it’s G-phone. And while it’d be good to do it every day (presuming you don’t already), they have a nice roster of DJs playing on RSD18 for you, playing from 12-8pm and “celebrating vinyl from our local labels, artists and beyond”:

Sam Kern- God Particle
Parris MitchellDance Mania Records
Chicago Deep/Taelue- Perpetual Rhythms
Tim Zawada– Star Creature Universal Vibrations
Daryl Cura – Eargasmic Recordings
Bai-eeSecret Studio
Garrett David– Night Sea Journey

Gramaphone’s at 2843 N. Clark Street. Seeya.