Glasgow Underground is releasing a double 12″ and digital set of remixes this summer featuring the late Romanthony’s classic “Ministry of Love” remixed by Andrés, Ejeca, Andre Crom, Mirrors and Kevin McKay.

There’s an inevitable spike of interest in an artist after he passes, as Romanthony did, tragically, in early May. But the Glasgow Underground remix series from Romanthony’s catalog began with the artist was still with us – and this particular set of remixes had been sent to the plant but on hold since we broke the news of his passing on May 7, 2013.

I’ve been a champion of these reissues and remixes, not least of all because few artists in my lifetime had risen to greater heights or seemingly fallen so far out of the public consciousness as Romanthony. A figure who was always outré but never obscure (especially not after “One More Time”) seemed to be mentioned less and less often – I seriously doubt most of the new converts to a (sort of) Deep House sound had even a passing familiarity with his music. I don’t really think we’re allowed to act like snotty hipsters who were into-it-before-yo-mamma-was-born when it’s a matter of reintroducing such a great artist to the masses – you may not like what a fellow does to a track he’s remixing, but it can’t be judged a bad idea out of hand.



The first part of the Ministry of Love remixes has already been released digitally, weirdly enough; the full package is coming out on vinyl July 22, 2013, with the concluding segment on digital August 19, as you can see below:

Digital Part 1 (24th June):
Andre Crom Rmx / Kevin McKay Rmx

Digital Part 2 (19th August):
Andrés Rmx
 / Ejeca Rmx
 / Kevin McKay 90s Edit / Mirrors v Kevin McKay Rmx

Vinyl Release Pt 1 (22nd July)
Ejeca Rmx / 
Andre Crom Rmx / Kevin McKay 90s Edit

Vinyl Release Pt 2 (22nd July)
Andrés Rmx
 / Mirrors v Kevin McKay Rmx / Kevin McKay Rmx



  1. Personally i don’t mind the snobby into-it-b4-etc… attitude when it comes to something as obscure as soulful house music since most (mainstream) people think this music has no roots! Or worse thinks it post-dates hip hop… anyway my 2 cents.

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