Roy Davis Jr


Nearly any record with Robert Owens behind the mic is gonna be dubbed “soulful”, but an original production from Roy Davis Jr (on the cover of 5 Mag Issue #102) and a massive array of quality remixers make “Slide” from Mile End far more flexible.

Let’s start out with DJ Skull, the Chicago legend that has turned a comeback into a renaissance. I reviewed his EP on Sect, The Dark Knight, in our forthcoming February issue, but according to this interview with House Cult, this was actually the project (or one that was similar to it) that lured him back into the game:

I spent some time rehearsing with a band just to kind of brainstorm. I felt I was ready to go when I got a call from my sister that I lost my mother. I was so down and I didn’t want to put out anything that would reflect that, so I just started to practice keyboard alone. Last year I got a call from Roy Davis Jr. and he was like “what you got?” Those are big words and I knew what he meant. He gave me a remix of him and Robert Owens and I’ve been recording ever since.

Also on deck are remixes from Luke Solomon, Andy Roberts (Mixed Signals Music) and James Blakstar John. “Slide” is due out on February 24 2014 from Mile End Records.



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