About the only thing sadder than a record store closing is a movie theater closing… No, scratch that: there’s nothing on this earth sadder than a record store closing. And while there have been some remarkable success stories in the last few years, there are still tremendous odds stacked against anyone in this field, no matter how much they adjust, adapt, diversify.

So it was that Shake, Rattle and Read in Uptown closed for good on Saturday after 50 years in business. There was, however, some stock left over and from the photos below, it seems quite a lot of it.

The owners have posted that there are “a lot of books and magazines left” and are opening the doors from noon to 6pm today (Tuesday) and tomorrow (Wednesday, May 25) at 4812 N. Broadway in Uptown, and all of it will be free. “Bring your own boxes and bags and take as much as you want. I am trying to avoid putting it all in a dumpster!”

The photos below were posted as an illustration of some of what’s up for grabs:


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