Delano Smith

This Saturday night, Spot Lite Detroit is hosting the Last Days of Disco, an evening with Delano Smith and Navbox. The event is also serving as a fundraiser for Smith’s ongoing battle with cancer.

According to a release from the club, Delano Smith has been battling cancer since 2022 and “has recently developed Thymic Carcinoma, a very rare form of unpredictable bone cancer that is difficult to contain and treat.”

All proceeds from the event this Saturday March 25 2023 will go toward Smith’s medical care.

Presale tickets are being sold via RA. If you can’t make it or would like to give more a GoFundMe has been established to defray the costs of Smith’s medical treatment. More information is available there about the specifics of Smith’s case:

Referred to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Research Center in New York by friends and colleagues, he was shepherded through the intake process based on specific aspects of his diagnosis after they determined that Delano’s particular case would benefit from their experimental treatment methods, including a specialist in thymic carcinoma treatment. After initial appointments, they found that Delano’s current health insurance does not cover any out of network treatment, thus all costs would be out of pocket for treatment at Sloan Kettering. Only an assessment with the specialist would cost thousands of dollars, then the cancer treatment could run into the hundreds of thousands.

Delano is currently experiencing a lot of pain since the cancer is in the nerve ganglion at the base of his spine. His previous treatment having proven ineffective at stopping this rare cancer, we need the specialists at Sloan Kettering and their particular methods to have hope to save his life. Delano, his family, friends and colleagues who have come together to organize this fundraiser want to thank you for reading this and appreciate your generosity at this very difficult time. Any amount is greatly appreciated. We will keep you updated on how your contributions are being utilized at Sloan Kettering and informed on Delano’s treatment and prognosis.

Photo via GoFundMe.