Slum Science

Oh man, is it hard to tell you how many +1s, upvotes, likes and retweets this deserves.

Hudderfield’s finest, Slum Science, have announced a forthcoming album called (10 Years of) Virtue and Vice to be released on home label Hudd Traxx come October 2013.

Slum Science was created in 2003 by Danny White; collaborations with Dan Ruck and Eddie Leader wound up on Deep Future, Greenhouse and DJ Heather’s Blackcherry Recordings, and eventually gave birth to one of 5 Magazine’s favorite labels, Hudd Traxx.

If you click that link (or this one), you’ll find an interview with Eddie Leader of Slum Science and Hudd Traxx which leads off with this:

First, where are the other guys from Slum Science and what have you done with them?
Danny moved to Grimbsy and started a label called Grim Traxx and Rucky started making Happy Hardcore.

Seriously though, I moved to Manchester about 3 years ago and they’ve both had kids over the last few years (not with each other), so that’s made things a bit more difficult… I’d like to think we could do another Slum Science record together as I think the last thing we released was a remix for Hector Moralez’s Minority Music in 2008. I’m hoping we can do something together for Hudd 050 – we’ve just released Hudd 035 so we’re not too far off.

Enjoy – especially Track #3, “House Perspective”. I know I did.