So Paxahau released the final line-up for this year’s Movement 2018 festival in Detroit and I guess we should have an announcement about it. This is the announcement about it.

Plenty of sites have been posting it straight and plenty of techno fans have blown them out when they looked at the flyer and saw names like Diplo and Mija, or even closing sets from Claude Von Stroke and Loco Dice for that matter.

A few people have taken out their aggressions on Twitter, which is something like the official aggression engine of 2018:

Fair is fair, and Diplo had the best of them:

There’s a reason he makes the big bucks. (Of course he could be talking about half of any festival crowd with that last one.)

But he does have a point: Movement has straddled this line and managed to be two different festivals to two different groups for some time. Wipe away at its gritty visuals and it wasn’t hard to see plenty of furry boots bouncing to, well, Diplo in 2012. Or Skrillex closing the Red Bull Stage at Movement 2011:

Apparently it’s not as easy to be all things to all people in 2018.

Movement, of course, is Memorial Day Weekend in Hart Plaza, Detroit. Tickets are at

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