This is where the magic happens. Joseph Thomas Price aka Third Son has locked himself away in his studio for a unique exercise in creative isolation.

20 Days is both the title and the time Third Son is giving himself to make his new album. The process was both announced and began on May Day. Starting today, Third Son will attempt to write, mix, master and release his album over the following 20 days, documenting the process from his home studio.

The album will be released on Third Son’s Polymath label the day after it’s finished.

“I’ve always found forcing myself to work under time constraints has put the right pressure on me to perform,” Third Son says. “It means the work will be totally honest, there’s no time to overthink it.”

His studio is equipped with an Elektron Octatrack MK II, Pioneer Toraiz Squid, Arturia Beatstep Pro, Custom Modular Synth and using key modules including ALM Akemies Taiko, Syncussion SYO.5, WMD Fracture, Mutable Instruments Plaits, ALM Pamelas NewWorkout, Grayscale Supercell, Make Noise Mimeophon, Make Noise Maths and more.

The London-based producer has previously released records on Skint, Matthew Herbert’s Accidental and Dusky’s 17 Steps. Listen to a mix with Third Son and Dusky at XOYO in January 2020:

Third Son photo by Sandra Seaton.