For all of our DJs, Traxsource has finalized a new pricing structure that is very consumer friendly. The overhaul features price drops on new Exclusive Promo tracks, multi-track packages and a new “classic” tier to help move copies of back catalog.

Here’s what we know:

  • Exclusive Promo tracks now cost $0.50 less than previously
  • Lower pricing on packages with 3 or more tracks (multi-track singles, EPs, albums, comps, etc.)
  • Lower prices for AIFF & WAV packages. By way of example, they offer that a 40 track compilation that once cost $55.99 will now cost $25.99, less than half the price.
  • A new “Classic” pricing tier for a label’s back catalog, featuring an additional $0.50 price drop on tracks 90 days after release.

The prices are now in effect – head over to Traxsource and check it out.

Our first post has been updated.


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