“Give me flowers when I’m still living,” Frankie Knuckles once said, “because I won’t be able to enjoy them when I’m under the ground.”

As true as that sentiment is, people from around the house music industry have been pouring out their love for the Boyd Jarvis, dance music pioneer and inspiration, whose death was announced this weekend.

Here are some. We’d also like to read yours. Post them in the comments below or on our Facebook page:

PIC OF THE DAY #BoydJarvis As pictured above with #Billie circa 1986 R.I.P. #RIP #BoydHJarvis 1958-2018 #MusicProducer #Songwriter #Musician #Keyboardist 80's #HouseMusic Pioneer Frequent Collaborator w/#TimmyRegisford When #HouseMusic pioneers are spoken of there is one name that (in my opinion) never came up as often as it should have. His name is #BoydJarvis. Together with his longtime legendary collaborator & friend, #DJ/#remixer #TimmyRegisford, he is responsible for the production on some of the earliest and most influential songs and artists that would pave the way for what would later be called #HouseMusic. As early as 1983, he and fellow #Brooklyn resident Regisford began to carve the careers of #Visual ("The Music Got Me" "Somehow, Someway") #Circuit ("A Little Help From My Friends") #Level3 ("Central Line") #Billie ("Nobody's Business") #TammyLucas ("Hey Boy") and a young male singer named #ColonelAbrams #RIP ("You Got Me Runnin" "Release The Tension" which became a Circuit record) just to name a few. It was never a problem getting records played with he, Timmy & DJ #MerlinBobb's position at #NewYorkCity's #WBLS1075FM with a weekly Friday night mixshow. Often they would play final master tape demos live on the air, literally breaking new artists and in turn, furthering the culture of #DanceMusic… turned House Music. Over the years, Boyd also applied himself outside of the House arena with a production list of major artists that's just too long to print here (#Prince #Madonna etc) but he will mostly be remembered for being the untold story of a music producer that helped to jumpstart the movement of House Music. May he Rest In Peace. EMB

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