I think you can tell an issue’s reached critical mass when Stephen Colbert uses it as a punchline. Which happened with the issue of Chicago violence this week. Colbert suggested that if America was concerned with shooting people, we wouldn’t be bombing Syria, “we’d be invading Chicago”. Civic pride, baby, civic pride….

Everybody has their breaking point. Mine came last year, when I found myself reading some fuckhead publicist’s pitch on a DJ’s Ibiza residency on the same weekend that forty nine people were shot in Chicago. Dance music, as represented by this PR pitch, could not have been more out of touch, more whitebread, more delusional or more estranged from reality. I channeled it into something I wrote about Gene Hunt and was done with it.

I don’t know if Terry Hunter had a breaking point, but he at least channeled it into something more positive than yelling at a PR hack with aviator sunglasses and a nasal cavity caked in k. Terry’s recorded a track called “We Are One” with Jay Adams, better known in some circles as “Slique”, in response to the violence. It’s rather late notice, but they’re shooting a video for it tomorrow and are inviting the entire city of Chicago to participate; info is below.


Attention: All community Residents, Neighbors and citizens of Chicago and Surrounding communities. Chicago is Coming together as one, to answer a Call for Action. On Saturday 9/7/2013 from 9:30 am until 12:30pm, WE ARE ONE will be shooting footage for the Video and Audio release of the Single ” We Are One” by Terry Hunter featuring vocalist Jay Adams (Slique).

WE NEED YOU TO BE THERE. Violence in our communities affects everyone, Only TOGETHER as ONE can we begin to make a difference.

Date: September 7, 2013
Time: 9:30 am until 12: 30pm (Please Be Prompt)
Place: 39th Street Lake Front (exit at 39th street OAKWOOD) from Lakeshore Dr.
(Paid parking is available at East Oakwood Blvd. – parking rates: $1 from (9am – 4pm)
*Public Transportation is also available for directions and routes visit http://www.transitchicago.com/

We Are ONE needs YOU to make this happen.

Please Tell and bring Anyone with you that is tired of the problems in our communities, Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers, Sons, Daughters, Families,
Politicians, Community Leaders, and Elected Officials… All are Welcome.



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