Viva Acid 2023

VIVA ACID has announced the dates for the third annual run of shows, workshops and discussions in Chicago.

October 5th through October 9th 2023 have been set aside for an array of events teased on posters below, along with a series of artists including Glenn Underground, Mystic Bill, Noncompliant, Eris Drew, John Simmons, Jana Rush, Houz ‘Mon, Geto Mark, Hyperactive, Woody McBride, Mike Dearborn and more.

Those interested in the talks and workshops are encouraged to RSVP via eventbrite where the following events are listed:

Making a complete track in Ableton: Join Orville Kein, our Ableton expert, for a cutting-edge music production journey. Collaborate with guest artists in three one-hour sessions to transform your ideas into finished tracks.
Technological Disruption In Music Production: The impact of AI, blockchain, decentralization, and other technologies on music creation, distribution, and consumption.
Safer Space: Sustaining safer, diverse environments without performative action and trends.
Socio-Political Activism In Acid House: How the genre and culture influenced and amplified voices for social justice.
Opportunities In Music: Exploring lesser-known career paths within the music industry.
Beyond Inclusion: Beyond traditional diversity, equity, and inclusion in nightlife: Considering the impact of homogenization in dance music.
Urban Development And The Birth Of Acid House: How the dynamics of cities like Chicago influenced the creation and growth of Acid House and rave culture.
Navigating The Professional Music Industry: Understanding publishing, sales platforms, press kits, public relations, booking agents, and more.
Staying Creative: Exploring strategies to sustain creativity in artistic endeavors.
Dance Music In A Post-Pandemic World: The cultural and economic shifts shaping the future of dance music, event promotion/production, and rave culture.


Launched in 2021, VIVA ACID’s goal is to “highlight the impact of acid music everywhere. Last year VIVA Acid saw four events over four days at venues including Spybar, Smartbar, Le Nocturne and Six06. This June they announced submissions for the “first various artist 12″ release” under the VIVA ACID brand.