Frederick Dunson was one of the original kids at the place where it all began: The Warehouse in Chicago. Later he became Frankie Knuckles’ manager, promotions partner, label manager and more. Today he is the executive director of the Frankie Knuckles Foundation. In this episode of the Conversations podcast, 5 Magazine’s Czarina Mirani talks to Frederick about Chicago House Music history, Frankie Knuckles and the race to preserve his legacy.

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Show Notes

How Cz and Frederick first met via Frankie Knuckles, why they were always giving away gifts at their parties, how did Freddie and Frankie first meet, why people were being standoffish to Frankie when he first came to Chicago, How D&E got started, Frankie’s philosophy on how to treat your guests, why it took a year for people to come to the Warehouse, what they did to prepare for every week at the Warehouse, what banjee means, people pretending to have gone to the Warehouse but didn’t, the fundamental rules of a guest list, the Frankie Knuckles Foundation, Theaster Gates, Frankie’s record collection, why DJs stopped carrying records to overseas gigs, tours to see Frankie’s record collection, the upcoming gala, panel discussions, Chicago DJs, Frankie’s birthday at Queen, good DJs, New York and Chicago audiences and what they’re willing to pay, how to donate to the foundation, the FK shirts, Judge, annoying people in the DJ booth, Frederick’s DJing career, music lessons from Frankie and Robert Williams, the Soho House New Year’s Eve tribute to the Warehouse, Ron Trent.

About Conversations

Conversations is 5 Magazine’s podcast featuring discussions with individuals from the House Music community. Episode one was with Nicky Siano; Episode two with the founders of Paris nightclub Djoon. You can listen to all episodes on SoundCloud; get updates when a new episode is added via 5 Magazine’s mailing list.


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