Join 5 Magazine Editor-in-Chief Czarina Mirani for Cz’s Boogie podcast, featuring a selection of her 10 current favorite tracks (from all genres of music) along with house music news and gossip.

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Show Notes

San Francisco trip, when did Ubers become highway robbery?, Malik Hendricks, the value of vinyl, Southport Weekender, Cz’s first party at Trace with all her dancers, I <3 House Music hoodies & gear, Love for Acid Jazz and N’Dea Davenport, DJs hiding their records, review of Christian Lisco’s Acid Cuts, Lo-Fi aesthetic, John Morales’ inspiring story, DJ Shadow’s most beautiful song

(Thanks to New City Chicago for naming Cz’s Boogie the best House Music podcast!)


Cz’s Boogie Episode 16 Tracklist

1) The More (Angelo Ruis)
2) String Thing (Shadow Child)
3) 216 (Malik Hendricks)
4) Boom, A Touch of Jazz (House 2 House)
5) Midnight at the Oasis (Brand New Heavies, Ian Green Remix)
6) Strandbar (Todd Terje, Disko Version)
7) Don’t You (James Dell)
8) 68 (Christian Lisco)
9) Heaven Knows (Donna Summer, John Morales Remix)
10) What Does Your Soul Look Like, Part 1 (DJ Shadow)


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