5 Magazine Editor Czarina Mirani selects 10 of her current favorite tracks along with some House Music news and talk.

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In this episode:

1) Shaft & MC (Tim McCallister)
2) Dance Till I’m Dead (Giano)
3) Caravan feat. Lizzy Ashleigh (Ghost of a DJ)
4) What’s New (St. Germain)
5) X-Rated (Ortella)
6) Vibrator (Pomo)
7) Kneadin’ (Hannah Wants, Chris Lorenzo)
8) Derrick Does Disco, First Stanza (Demuir)
9) I Need Your Luv Right Now (Mood II Swing)
10) You Used to Love Me (Faith Evans)

Show Notes:
New issue of 5 Mag, Nicky Siano gives us knowledge on early New York club life and other crazy stories, Cz’s song of the year, upcoming events, Charivari Detroit and how bomb it is, Cz’s wish list

photo by: Louis Fitch