Carpenter Brut: Night Stalker

Released in support of the upcoming synthwave documentary The Rise of the Synths.

Carpenter Brut is widely acknowledged as one of the stars of synthwave and when a documentary was being made about the young movement, his cooperation was deemed essential. The Rise of the Synths is still in pre-release but “Night Stalker” is one of the tracks from the soundtrack (to which, naturally, an inordinate amount of attention has been paid) released in advance of the film’s premiere.

“Night Stalker” is a blast of electronics, blinkered dystopian and ominous in the best cagey/cheesy/creepy (John) Carpenteresque manner. The film sounds like it’ll be a pretty fair introduction to synthwave, its origins in the music of Moroder, Carpenter and Tangerine Dream and the nostalgic OD of the genre (the film’s tagline is “the old soundtrack of a new generation”.

There’s still a fundraiser going on via IndieGoGo with the album at least promised for the Spring of 2017.


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