Tag: Liquid Earth

Punchdrunk synth spirits brewed up by Liquid Earth on The Electronic...

A nose dive into junkyard synthesis on the new vinyl imprint from Liquid Earth.

Outshine: Inside the New Issue of 5 Mag

Hugo LX, Worldship Music & the Return of the Teflon Dons, Cee ElAssaad and more inside the new issue of 5 Mag, out now.

#ListenUp Sonic blotter from Liquid Earth & Kalahari Oyster Cult

Liquid Earth's "Scope Zone" goes from blotter on your tongue to trails in the corner of your eyes in 7:30.

Liquid Earth Tours 20 Years of Rave Americana on Microsmosis

Urulu dons his Liquid Earth guise and soaks in the psychedelic SciFi aesthetic of TerraFirm on the new release Microsmosis.

Everything That You Love: Inside the New Issue of 5 Mag

5 Mag presents our new issue with Krystal Rodriguez's profile of Cinthie, mixes from Marshall Applewhite and Matt Masters, Chicago House with Stripped & Chewed Records and more.


Being Jojo Baby

Who is Jojo Baby and why are so many people rallying to support him? We're glad you asked.