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Remember this? Remembering Blue Boy’s 1997 smash “Remember Me”

There was a point in time when Blue Boy's "Remember Me" was inescapable, as ubiquitous as sunshine, cheap gas and bucket hats on weed dealers hangin' in doorways.

Mark Farina: What The Future Looks Like

TEN YEARS FROM NOW... good music will still be good music and bad will still be bad. All the sub-genres established by the early...

Good Morning. Here’s More Than 11 Hours of Mark Farina’s Mushroom Jazz

Mark Farina takes the turntables about, oh, 11 or 12 hours from now, playing an ultra-rare Mushroom Jazz set at The Mid tonight (RSVP...

Anonymous and Andrew Emil featuring Gryffyn: Mushroom Man

There's been a serious buzz around this record for months now, most notably because it marks Mark Farina and Great Lakes Audio's return to...

Mark Farina: The 5 Magazine Interview

If this magazine has made it into your House Music-loving hands, an introduction to Mark Farina is probably unnecessary. From the creation of the...

Mark Farina: The Art of the Mix

There's not a DJ in House Music that's had more success with commercial DJ mixes than Mark Farina. Here's how the Mushroom Jazz man does it.