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Underreported 2023: The Last Pirates

File sharing sites are turning out the lights but The Pirate Bay is celebrating their 20th anniversary of pissing off the music industry.

The End of File Sharing?

Rising electricity prices and free streaming are doing what decades of lawsuits could not: shut down internet pirate sites.

EU might be taking on Spotify over artist payments again

An influential legislator in the European Parliament calls streaming platforms "unbalanced" when it comes to paying artists.


Beloved: Inside the new 5 Mag

An oral history of Freerange Records with Jimpster, Tom Roberts, Matt Masters, Pezzner, Manuel Tur and Fred Everything, plus Chicago house with Black Sjuan, DJ Paulette's welcome to the club, Elbert Phillips on Tears, Dark Heaven and more inside the new issue of 5 Mag, out now.