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Lovebirds conjures a light & breezy theme for Mar-A-Lago (no, the...

Slinky soul zapped with THC fuzz, the Mar-A-Lago EP features Declan McDermott and even a cameo on the drums by Black Loops.

#ListenUp Lovebirds Says New Shit Has Come To Light

When Sebastian Döring releases a track, drop what you're doing and head to a well-ventilated area because the spirit is about to get her hooks in you

Lovebirds’ Sebastian Doering: The 5 Mag Interview

As half of the production outfit Knee Deep, Mr. Sebastian Doering soared to heights few professionals in this industry ever reach. Topping the dance...


Rediscovering Victor Simonelli

Three generations of dance music DJs, producers & fans have been enlightened by the funky, souled'up testament of Victor Simonelli. a new collection focuses attention on his deeply influential early '90s house tracks.