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Media Mail rates increase again, for the second time in 2024

Effective July 14 2024, the baseline cost of shipping a book or record using Media Mail has gone up 18% since December 2023.

Chicago public library selling off 9,000 records for $1 apiece

Harold Washington Library is offering up over 9,000 unneeded or discarded vinyl LPs from their collection for sale this week only.

Surprise! Media Mail rates just went up again

United States Media Mail rates are going up by about 5% in January 2024, impacting buyers and sellers of records, books and magazines.

Metallica bought their own vinyl pressing plant

The band cites an urgent need for "capacity to meet the massive demand" for vinyl in their purchase of Furnace Record Pressing. Furnace in Alexandria, Virginia is a one-stop shop also handling mastering, print, packaging and mailing for labels and artists.

Amazon jumps into the vinyl business

Just in case the record presses weren't backed up enough, Amazon is jumping into the vinyl business.

How To Crowdfund an Album Without Going Broke or Looking Like a Tool

Crowdfunding already had something of a shabby reputation - and that was before funding sites began stealing their customers' money.

Vinyl Isn’t Dead: A Record-Setting Record Store Day

Streaming be damned: we just had the third-largest sales week for vinyl albums since Neilsen's SoundScan launched in 1991.

Crowdsource Vinyl at No Charge with Bandcamp

Following up on PledgeMusic's implosion, Bandcamp gets into the crowdsourcing business with vinyl crowdsourcing business.

Is the Vinyl Bubble About to Pop?

The vinyl boom may be about to crash, but it never had much to do with dance music anyway. Boomer Rock makes up most of vinyl growth and it always has.

Smashed Plastic Opens Chicago’s First Vinyl Pressing Plant in 20 Years

Leor Galil wrote the cover story in this week's Chicago Reader announcing the opening of Smashed Plastic, Chicago's first vinyl pressing plant in decades.

Discogs Launches an “Exclusive” Marketplace for Records You Don’t Need and Can’t Afford

$500 test pressings and cassette tape boxed sets are the sample fare for Discogs new "Discogs Exclusives" marketplace for high ticket and rare items.

Josey Records Buys Pressing Plant, Plans Vinyl Domination

Dallas based record store Josey Records - which has somehow managed to tie the term "mega-store" to their independent operation - has purchased A&R...

Vinyl Surges, Streaming Tops Physical Sales For First Time

Praise the DJ, because vinyl is the only thing propping up music sales right now. Sales of vinyl surge while mp3s continue their decline...

Inner Balance: Jorge Caiado Launches New Balance Sublabel

One of the most iconic labels in House Music is growing... Balance - the venerable Deep House label run out of Chicago by Chez Damier...

This is House Music. Every Day Should Be Record Store Day.

RECORD STORE DAY has caused a number of conflicting feelings for me over the past few years. As a long time record store employee,...

It’s 2015. Why Is It So Hard to Press a Record?

"SIX MONTHS?" It's on the high end of the spectrum, but that's how long a friend of 5 Mag's was told it would take to...

The Return of 12 Inches: UM Vinyl Sampler

The gradual resurgence of vinyl in the last few years, on the face of it, would seem to be nothing but good newls for...

Mark Farina: How I Play

5 Magazine welcomes Mark Farina back to Chicago this December 27 at SmartBar (Facebook page/tix here). To warm up the room, Mark agreed to sit...

Massive Vinyl Emporium Josey Records to Open in Dallas

They're counting down the days until the opening of a new 15,000 square foot record shop in Dallas, and there's a familiar face in...

When 8 Tracks Were Underground: An Early Shot In The Format Wars

This film is a treasure, one of the strangest, most bizarre, most fascinating music documentaries ever made. You probably haven't seen it before and...