Nascent music sharing service and potential SoundCloud challenger HearThis.At has announced a suite of new functions as well as increasing overall capacity.

Among the new features announced in a release today:


Facebook App

Need to share music to your Facebook fan page? HearThis.At has (admittedly late, but better late than…) released a Facebook app to spread the love around. It works like basically every other Facebook app released since 2010, so have at it.


Mixcloud Import

This is how we live now: Mixcloud announces an import function to scrape your SoundCloud, and HearThis.At now includes an import function to scrape your Mixcloud.


Newly Rendered Waveforms & Embeds

Not sure if this is crucial to you, but HearThis.At has also polished up their waveform and website embeds (which still don’t look as attractive as SoundCloud’s embeds, and are still somewhat buggy. The cover art disappears when it’s embedded at a size smaller than 600px wide.)


Added Capacity

We have to take their word for it, but HearThis.At has also said they’ve made their site and API faster and enough capacity to their servers to handle “2,000 requests each second” and “4 hours of music each minute.”

The main advantage of HearThis.At still remains that it’s “like Soundcloud, but not Soundcloud,” at least in terms of the latter’s automated takedowns. See 5 Mag’s overview of HearThis.At and other Soundcloud alternatives.


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