Following the release of OS X version 10.10.5 this morning, Apple, Inc. has released an update to its leading-edge audio program, Logic Pro X, with the surprise addition of the Alchemy soft synth packed in.

The creator of Alchemy, Camel Audio, was purchased by Apple in back in February. The first sign of Alchemy’s DNA was in screenshots of an update to GarageBand first published on back in June, which featured several “Alchemy-like” features, but this is the real deal.

And given that Alchemy has been discontinued as a stand-alone product, this will be the only way to use the popular synthesizer program in the future.

Apple also says there are a couple hundred bugs fixed and other new features in the Logic Pro X 10.2 update, one of which allows users to upload songs to Music Connect, the pseudo-Soundcloud service for artists packed inside Apple Music. The update is a free upload – check your App Store updates – while the original program costs $199 from