The 808 drum machine has inspired a documentary and now a holiday.

Roland and the team behind the AIRA product line are marking the adorable advent of #808 day by teaming up to offer free workshops with Dubspot as well as giving away a special edition TR-8 for free.

The makers of the classic drum machine and it’s modern descendant are sponsoring workshops at Dubspot LA and NY only (sorry, Chicago) on #808Day (August 8, 2015) from 1pm-5pm local. Drumcell is a special guest at the LA Dubspot event, which will feature production workshops, hands-on demos with Roland and Dubspot staff, performances and special discounts on AIRA gear.

In addition, Dubspot is giving away a special edition TR-8 Rhythm Performer with a “vintage 808 skin” at each of the Dubspot events. There is also one being given away online.

You can enter for free at Dubspot’s website.

Image via Roland.