When we wrote our tribute to Kerri Chandler back in 2016, everyone on staff picked a song or two that we identified with the most to write about. If you thought that was easy, you have no idea… Kerri Chandler’s discography is staggering, you don’t need me to tell you, but you don’t realize how vast it is until you dig into it and are forced to pick between diamonds and gold.

Some tracks he even reworks three and four times. As I wrote about “Atmosphere”: “Only Kerri Chandler could go back to the same track a half dozen times, make all of them sound different and make you still want to buy all of them.”

Now you can download two GB worth of Kerri Chandler tracks – a mix of mp3s and WAVs and 43 tracks in total – uploaded by Kerri Chandler himself. I haven’t crosschecked every track but according to RA none of these have been released digitally before. And here is the link to get them:


Among the tracks included here are those from The Thing For Linda 2010 EP, featuring a track called “Mommy What’s A Record.” On the sticker for TTFL2k10 is the motto:

“Records are forever held on to, files are not.”

The download is available for two weeks.


  1. Kerri’s one of the few that would ever do something special like this.

    Also, DJs, try to control yourselves and don’t upload your All-Kerri Tribute mixes at the same time lol….

  2. I would like say thanks to him sharing his “secret weapons” to fans and djs. We’ll do justice to this gift! SO SO SO MUCH RESPECT!

  3. Wow simply Awesome! Within my 18 crates, I’m sure I have these tracks…still a nice idea to have a digital backup. All I can say THANK YOU Kerri!

  4. Thank you for providing the great Kerri Chandler tracks. A great artist.
    Greetings from Germany.

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