Zed Bias Remixes Mark de Clive-Lowe’s “Now or Never”

The multi-instrumental genius is giving away Zed Bias' remix of Now or Never featuring vocalist Nia Andrews to promote the launch of Church Summer Sessions June 16 in Los Angeles.

Multi-instrumentalist and bona fide genius Mark de Clive-Lowe has announced the launch of his CHURCH Summer Sessions starting up June 16 2016 at The Grand Star Jazz Club in Los Angeles.

To help get a fire burning, Mark is giving away a free download: a remix of “Now or Never,” a track from his album Church featuring Nia Andrews by Zed Bias aka Maddslinky. (The two also worked together on Zed Bias’ 2007 album Experiments With Biasonics on Sick Trumpet.)

The track (streaming above) is available here with a tweet or mailing list sign up. Get on it!

The Church Summer Sessions features Mark de Clive-Lowe (live with special guests), DJ Day and Seano DJing, STRO and 14KT with their “production beat showcase” and Swarvy (live with special guests). Tickets are $8 early/$10 presale/$15 at the door; RSVP and grab them at eventbrite.com.



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