Bernard’s Amazing Disco Band: I Want Some Trade

It was 1992. I had been playing the previous record on DJ World, “Bitch” by Jamie Principle, and was heading out of Gramaphone when copies of “I Want Some Trade” arrived. I snapped a copy out of Hector Lopez’ hand as the stack he was holding quickly disappeared before touching a bin on the record store wall.

I didn’t know it at the time, but DJ World was run by Jamie Principle. The original version of “I Want Some Trade” was produced by Sherman Rogers with words written and sung by Bernard Badie. Three versions on the vinyl include the snappy “Quench Mix” by Ralphi Rosario, “The Principle Theory Mix”, and Jamie’s “Set Me Free” Dub. The latter track, pressed in the B2 position, got all the plays from me and many other DJs I heard during that time around Chicago.

By the numbers, Jamie’s “Set Me Free” Dub is loaded with ingredients necessary for a beautiful Deep House workout. But not any single element of the track makes it a classic; not even the unforgettable bass line (which very well could have been produced with a Yamaha TX-81Z) makes this dub a must-have. It’s the ebb and flow of the groove, the masculine and feminine tensions, the absolute utility of every note, and the stark simplicity of the thing – the illusion that it is easy to create such natural beauty – that make this track important. It’s this mirage, the fact that Jamie makes it look so easy, that elevates the “Set Me Free” Dub to being a classic unaffected by time or fashion.

Review by: Mazi