Buy two copies, you’ll need them. DASCO’s four track Powerful Woman EP on Shall Not Fade is an object of art, a record that aims for and achieves acid perfection.

The A side is devoted to “Powerful Woman” and “Acid Queen,” two companion tracks punch drunk on the squelch and the kind of primitive vocal samples that just sound so right in the shitty acoustics of a warehouse. The B side features two remixes of “Powerful Woman.” Johannes Volk’s remix strips it down to the metallic techno studs and floorboards but the best is from the incomparable Chicago Skyway. Nobody bangs the drums like Skyway — they bounce, they hit a hitch and then they fall back into the groove amid analog warfare of bleeps, tweaks and fuzz tornadoes.

DASCO: Powerful Woman EP (Shall Not Fade / 12″ Vinyl / January 2023)
1. DASCO: Powerful Woman (05:07)
2. DASCO: Acid Queen (06:10)
3. DASCO: Powerful Woman (Johannes Volk Remix) (06:30)
4. DASCO: Powerful Woman (Chicago Skyway Remix) (06:11)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was not submitted as a promo.


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